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While all the major carriers like to show fancy colored maps illustrating their general coverage area across the US, when it comes to your nearest cell tower location, you're on your own. Google maps won't help you. Finding a cell tower near you used to be nothing but frustration. While it helps to understand the difference between 4G and LTEthis article will show you all the websites, apps, native tools, and signal meters that will help you find a cell tower near you.

With these websites put in your zip code or address and it will tell you cell tower locations. Cell providers are constantly adding and subtracting service on cell sites on a daily basis, so the information may be dated. However, it is a good start and when paired with the other techniques we'll mention later, it'll give you everything you need to know.

For finding towers in your area, Cellmapper. It's useable but not user-friendly design takes some time to navigate. But once you do, it provides cell site locations for all major carriers.

This coupled with your zip code or address should show the towers in your area immediately. So this gives you a general idea of weak and good coverage areas near you. AntennaSearch is old, ugly, and possibly outdated, but it provides a wealth of information. You'll need some patience to comb through and click around, but it should provide some insights to cell tower location, as well as lots of extra information for the technically inclined.

CellReception shows towers and current user reviews in your area. However, it's data on cell towers seems a bit thin. Still, some data is better than no data.

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And it's also a nice to use when also using other methods to find your nearest cell tower. People automatically assume having a nationwide carrier also provides nationwide service. But in actuality, there are many pockets around the United States that aren't served by certain service providers. It's best to do your homework and confirm your current location also has one of the four major carriers or their networks available. These apps use your location and then map out the closest carrier cell tower.

After all, it's your phone, so it should be able to point to where it's getting its signal.I have tried to understand how to use the cellmapper app but it is not easy to understand. First I launch the app and drive around the cell tower. It will pick up bands and frequencies and approximate the location on the map with a red dot. Does anyone know how to make the locations confirmed and add more bands and pcis manually.

The help center is not helping and the people im speaking to about it on twitter seem to be from another country and we are having language issues.

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Please help. You cannot manually add PCIs or bands. It will only log what your phone connects to. So you'll have to just wait for it to collect other PCIs or drive around a bit and let it collect everything. To move tower locations, you have to load the website on a computer and login to your account.

Then it'll let you move them. I've found that with enough data, it works pretty well for estimating the tower location. You might also want to change the collection interval from the default of 3 seconds to 1 second.

It'll give you a lot more data points. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk. Thank you so much that really helps. Another question, let's say a tower is on the map with 3 bands detected and someone previously has confirmed it so it has a green circle around a red dot.

However driving around this tower it picks up a fourth band but it's only picking it up on one sector due to switching to another established band so it places a red dot on the map near the other established tower estimating where this band is.

I can move the red dot on top of the established tower but how do I manually say this is definitely established here and get a green ring around it? When you manually move a tower it will confirm the location. This is not the best system but it is the one they went with. This is why ingenium stressed to ensure your tower location is correct. I have found a number of towers in incorrect locations.


Thanks for your help yes this app definitely needs work. Too bad signalcheck doesn't have a mapping system I would rather use theirs.

Definitely belongs to that tower using signal check have confirmed it multiple times. It's actually Verizon who uses 5 bands of LTE. I use to go searching for all of the towers info when we had Sprint.

Went all the way to Norfolk, Kearney and Missouri. Unfortunately, this is untrue, depending on location. For every carrier, I've seen the use of separate GCI patterns for the same tower:.

Verizon sometimes offsets by for AWS. In some markets, it's pattern driven offset byfor instancebut in others, it's just random.Yes, band view is possible. All Windows 10 Mobile phones are supported. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device.

XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! An early build of LineageOS October 7, Thanks Meter : Hello everyone, I'm back with an app beta for you!

Installation: Download the zip from the download link On your phone open and install the. Attached Files LastRelease.

OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Sep I released a bugfix version 1. Could someone try these deployment steps please: Download the zip from the download link On your phone open and install the.

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Join Date: Joined: May Join Date: Joined: Apr Join Date: Joined: Jul Crashes after splash screen if High Contrast theme is ON. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 7 1 2 3 Last. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Top Threads in Windows 10 Mobile Apps. Android Software Development.Our CoverageMap app empowers you to test network performance in areas where you live, work, and play. Not only does testing performance in your neighborhood provide you with useful insights, but the data you produce also helps carriers improve the quality of your mobile life.

Our updated app not only boasts a beautiful new user interface, but it also makes it easy to find and select the options and settings you want to use before running a test. Plus, easily identify areas that have yet to be tested, and be the first to put yourself on the map.

Your test results can tell you a great deal about your daily mobile life. Get a broader understanding of your findings with new stats such as moving averages, histories, and more. Wondering how performance with your carrier of choice compares between the office and at home?


Now you can find out. Easily select multiple hexes on the map to compare your results, and find out if others are having the same experience.

Set your device to automatically run performance tests continuously, or sample network conditions in the background. Stop a test at any time with either setting. While we love to see more and more data points appear on the map, you can also tell us about your experience in your own words. Enjoying the app? Please rate it and leave your comments in the App Store.

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Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook. Version 3. The idea behind the app is awesome. However, it fails a few areas: 1. Networks that utilize dynamic carrier aggregation are not represented well. Some networks do not carrier-aggregate immediately.

What this means is that initial download speeds may be represented, but over a longer run of download or upload, the speed increases, sometimes dramatically. It would use more of a persons data, but the speed tests should ideally execute for a set minimum number of seconds, but continue to run up to a larger maximum number of seconds if the speed results are steadily increasing.

My speed results are increasing but the test just ends while the speed is still increasing. This affects both upload and download. When executing speed tests on cellular, there is no quick way to get back to the map.

You are returned to the results summary, and then have to click the stopwatch in the bottom right hand corner, and then in the following screen, you have to click close.

10 Cell Phone Life Hacks, For Better Reception

My idea is that a user should be given the ability to Close the speed testing directly from the results page. The color coding of hexagonal areas denoting network performance works very well.Guide FAQ. The application measures the signal strength and other network data collected by the end user and uses the data collected to locate network base stations and their coverage.

This information is then collected in the Cellmapper map. The application is supported on Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices although the Android application is the only one that is being actively supported and updated. Cellmapper's servers calculate the data the users have sent and creates a graphical representation of it in the map delivered by Google Maps, which can be browsed directly from the application or Cellmapper's webpage.

The model can not account for certain variables though, so in order to get reliable data one should keep the measuring phone in as clear and unobstructed area as possible. An ideal measuring setting is as unobstructed as possible, such as large fields of prairie, but for instance in cities obstacles are unavoidable.

The application supports real time transfer, so the data collected is sent to Cellmapper's servers as you measure.

You can also manually send the data after measuring or resend already collected data. After the files have been sent to the server, they are processed within minutes if there is not much load on the servers at the moment. If the servers are under heavy load then processing data can take up to hours or even a full day. The decay of processing speed is a known issue, and will be addressed in the future.

Part of Cellmappers features require rooting your android device, but it works fine without that as well.


You can donate money to the Cellmapper project. Using donations they aim to keep the servers running and modern enough to accommodate the growing userbase. Download for Android Cellmapper application. Start the application. GPS has determined location by 3 meters accuracy and 0 out of 0 satellites have been connected to they were connected to, but some bug made it appear they had not been connected to.

Login OK means that I have also logged myself in to the Cellmapper application. By logging in to the application your username will be shown in the Cellmapper map internet browser map. The way information is shown here will depend on different phone models.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Or, shop our clearance section for great deals on closeout items. Or, shop our clearance section for great deals on limited quantity boosters. The internet and mobile phones have made the world smaller. Most people throughout the world are now connected by cellular technology.

This connection, however, is only possible if there are cell towers locations to support cellular communication. Living in a location with good cellular coverage is one of the keys to a convenient life in the twenty-first century, and that usually means a place that has enough cell towers to provide quality cell signal. Read on to learn about how cell towers work, how to locate them, and how a signal booster can be the missing link between a cell tower signal and your mobile device.

Cell phone towers are elevated, high powered antennas that transmit radio frequency RF signals to mobile devices in the surrounding area.

They enable phone communications across large areas. The tower receives these transmissions and then passes them over their network to the correct destination.

The closest cell tower also transmits voice and data back to the mobile devices in the nearby area.

The Indispensable Guide to Finding Your Closest Cell Tower Locations

Cell towers locations are owned and operated by different phone carriers, so even if you see a cell tower, it may be owned and operated by a different carrier than yours, and would thus not provide you with any benefit. Cell towers are built to cover large areas with cellular signal. The distance that you can be from a tower depends on a number of factors, including:. There are several reasons you may want to know about where the closest cell tower locations are in your area, including these:.

Emergency calls on the other hand can use any cell tower, so people in an emergency can still attempt to call However, if there are no cell tower locations nearby from any carrier, no calls, whether emergency or not, will be able to be made. Thus, it may be important to determine if there are cell towers in the area in case of emergency situations. There are many methods in finding where the cell towers are in an area. Out of all of them, here are the six best and most efficient ways.

One effective way is by using your phone. Cellular signal is measured in decibels dB. By default, phones track cell signals only from their carrier network and translate the signal strength as bars. Once the dB meter is visible, walking around the area will allow you to find the spot with the greatest cell-signal strength.

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When a strong signal is found, it typically indicates that the nearest cell tower is in your general direction. Most phone companies have a cell tower map on their website showing the coverage that they provide, though it may be tricky to find it sometimes.

For the big four telecom providers in the US, here are their coverage maps. Bear in mind that magnification values equal the number of scrolls to reach the maximum zoom. Verizon Coverage Map. Sprint Coverage Map. T-Mobile Coverage Map. Bell Coverage Map.

Rogers Coverage Map.Quick Menu. With the launch of next-generation 5G wireless networks becoming a reality, more and more cell towers are being built every day. But no matter which smartphone you prefer or which carrier you subscribe to for cell service when it comes to good cell reception, location matters. Your location in proximity to the surrounding cell phone towers, that is. You may ask, is there such thing as a cell tower locater? Experiencing low bars, slow dataand not being able to call, text, or scroll through your Facebook account even temporarily can be extremely frustrating.

Especially in an emergency situation. However, just knowing the closest cell tower location can often provide the quick fix you need for bad cell reception. The first step is understanding what it takes to locate a nearby cell phone tower.


It all starts by familiarizing yourself with some helpful, easy to use, and free resources for locating cell towers that can be found online. When it comes to knowing the location of the closest cell tower and which direction your signal is coming from, nothing is more handy or intuitive than a cell phone tower map.

With a map, orienting yourself with the surrounding cell towers is no different than identifying landmarks or planning destinations for a trip. Best of all, most web-based cell tower maps do the locating and plotting for you—conveniently integrating your cell tower search within Google Maps.

Here are a few online resources to consider for conducting your own cell phone tower search:. This cell tower map locator is our favorite for its intuitive interface and various filtering options. Expert Tip: Make sure to select the correct country that you live in when selecting the cell carrier you use. This will help you to select the correct carrier at your location.

This site shows you an overview of all the cell towers in the US and the data is sourced from the FCC website. Just zoom in on the map to where you are located to see the nearest tower.

If a cell phone tower is registered with the FCC, it can be easily found on the Towers page. Only interested in the location of the nearest Verizon towers? Just check the Verizon Tower box. User-generated ratings and reviews based on personal experience with local cell reception can provide additional insights. This site has extensive information, however, the design is outdated and not intuitive for the average user. As you might guess, each of the big four telecom providers offers online access to their own interactive coverage maps.

Rather than showing cell phone tower locations, the Verizon coverage map informs users of the coverage type and signal quality that you can expect based on the mapped address you put in the search bar e. To learn more about how to interact with their cell tower map read more here. With many carriers rolling out 5G, you may wonder how close the nearest 5G tower is to your house and if you can access the faster 5G data speeds that are anticipated.

You can also browse and see which cities currently have 5G coverage. First, select the city where you live or are closest to.

You can also see a list of cities where 5G is available here. If you want a quick resource for locating cell phone towers near your house, consider downloading a cell tower finder app. The OpenSignal appavailable for iPhone and Android, features coverage maps for all major networks based on data crowdsourced from millions of users.

The app helps you see 2G, 3G, and 4G network availability along with stats and speeds experienced on networks worldwide to help accurately measure the everyday experience you can expect on your cellular device. Watch our video below to learn how to use this app to find cell towers!


Network Cell Info Lite app is exclusive to Android users but is one of the most highly-rated cell tower locater apps in Google Play. This app shows you cell tower locations based on their database so you can easily track signal strength in a specific area. This app can monitor wifi and cell signal in real-time and can show you maps with network cellular info and signal-meter gauges.

Cell Tower Locator app allows users to get the approximate position of cell phone towers within a stored database. According to the developers of Cell Tower Locator, the precision of the estimated cell position is better for sites with three cells detected.


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